Risk Assessment (CARA)

YEAR 4 - 12       Group size maximum 25             Duration 1 hour


Details of Activity

Students are given the chance to have some “free time” at the beach, either in the net in stinger season, or in front of the Centre between the marker buoys in non-stinger season, to chest deep water only. This is deemed a high risk activity, and strict guidelines are given and enforced (see Activity Risk Assessment under Teacher Resources). A minimum of 2 adults will supervise, one of whom has the necessary qualifications as per the risk assessment, and one a registered teacher. Weather conditions will dictate whether this activity will go ahead, in consultation with a HBEEC teacher. It is often the activity rated highest in enjoyment by students at the end of camp, and is a great way to end the day.

Allow 15 minutes one way in planning, if walking to nets in stinger season. Togs and sleeved shirts must be worn.

Learning Intent

  • Develop an awareness of the safety issues when swimming at a N Q beach.
  •  Understand the need for limits on various behaviours
  • Develop the connection with the natural environment through enjoyment, and the need to preserve it
  • For those lacking confidence/experience in water activities, a progression to overcome this


  • Recognise personal abilities


  • Develop self-discipline
  • Become confident ,resilient and adaptable

Social Management

  • Be aware of others abilities and look out for buddies
  • Encouraging others.
  • Sharing enjoyment and skills eg catching waves, throwing balls


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