YEAR LEVEL 4 - 10     GROUP SIZE 25      DURATION up to1.5 hours



Details of Activity

Students work as a group to collect and classify pollution from the beach and dune areas.
An introduction to the session will include an engager such as the whale gut display or video, and an overview of Tangaroa Blue’s project and recording system. Students use buckets, gloves etc with each small group supervised by an adult, and have explicit instructions on hazards eg. needles, broken glass, hooks etc.

At the end of the collection, the litter is sorted into types according to the material made of, and discussion is held on origins, biodegradability, appropriate disposal of waste, resource use and sustainability.

Learning Intent

  • Group and classify beach pollutants and litter to assess their degradability and impact on the environment. 
  • Develop strategies to more sustainably use personal resources (reducing, reusing recycling) and stop the litter at its source.
  • Collate data using recognised Data Collection Sheet and contribute to world wide study.

Critical & Creative Thinking

  • Inquiring, identifying and exploring and organising information and ideas.
  • Generating ideas, possibilities and actions.
  • Reflecting on thinking and processes.
  • Analysing, synthesising and evaluating reasoning and procedures.


Year level standards and content descriptions can be found within the linked curriculum document.
This provides essential information that supports the implementation of teaching and learning activities
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