YEAR LEVEL  5 – 12, Group Size 25,  Duration 1 hour




Details of Activity
NB: This activity is only done during non-stinger season, which varies, but is roughly May to October.

Students are given the chance and choice of getting up close to the amazing mud substrate that is the base of the mangroves biomass. It is usually done at the end of the day if tides permit, and after a brief discussion on the importance of mangroves and the role of the mud. The site for this is in the middle of a large Stilt/Red mangrove forest, in a spot that allows students to get totally covered, or just arms and legs. Emphasis is on a sensory experience, and strict rules apply to minimise the chance of getting mud in the eye. Clothing worn is old t-shirt and shorts over togs.
After approximately 15 minutes, students extricate themselves and after photos of the mud monsters, proceed to the ocean in front of the Centre to wash off. Final clean-up is at the outside showers at the Centre.
For many students, this is a highlight of camp!

Learning Intent

Students will become aware of the importance of the mud to the mangrove ecosystem, and man.

They will engage in a fun filled, physical and sensory way with the environment that will make them connect with the natural world.