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Programs & Activities

Activities that we offer at HBEEC can be grouped into two main focus areas:-

The two focus areas have a clearly identified core learning intent.

Sustainability: Students will understand that we need to manage our resources and demonstrate the behaviours and choices that ensure a sustainable future – “enough for all forever”.

Wellbeing: Students will understand and demonstrate the skills and processes needed to be an effective team and / or team member and to develop personal wellbeing.



Specialised Programs

HBEEC also delivers specialised programs designed for
the Secondary Sector.  These programs include:

  • Biology
  • Earth Science
  • Outdoor Education (Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Expeditions, Navigation)
  • Enrichment

Your camp program can be negotiated to best suit the specified outcomes you wish your students to achieve through their Centre visit.

Within the Science Curriculum, the program is based on the 5E’s model of Teaching and Learning with Centre activities focusing on the Engage, Explore and Explain phases. We
would usually expect the Elaborate and Evaluate phases to be targeted when the group returns to the classroom. Year 8 – 10 visitations with a science focus will be predominantly
presented by school based science staff with HBEEC staff fulfilling a supportive / expertise role.

Each Residential Camp will include a Cabin Competition which emphasizes sustainability and explores practical strategies to manage resources such as water and energy and limit
or eliminate waste. Use the links below to view a summary of the activity, how these activities might target content of the Australian C2C and relevant units of study. To view the
Centre's specific CARA on chosen activities go to Risk Assessment Document.


  Activities conducted by Centre staff commence around 8.45am and end around 5.00pm. These times are flexible however and depend on the activity and other conditions (e.g. tides).

  •   Visiting schools need to be aware that anytime before and after these hours are used for administrative duties and preparation.
  •   Planning – On Day One allow at least 2 hours after arrival before activities start. The first two hours usually consist of a familiarization walk around the centre (half hour),
    an orientation talk on camp aims and expectations, responsible behaviour, risks and hazards (half hour), a Morning Tea or Lunch Break (half hour) and the set up of cabins
    with an introduction to the cabin competition (half hour). Also on Day One allow 15 minutes at a suitable time for an Adult Induction conducted by centre staff.
  • The timetable is followed as closely as possible but flexibility is important.
  • Two adult supervisors are required to be on site at all times, one of whom must be a registered teacher.
  • Any free time (self directed activities) needs to be fully supervised.
  • Outside excursions (e.g. Abseiling) need to have bus pick ups, date and times checked in advance.
  • Rain does not cancel most activities. Visitors should bring raincoats or spray jackets to keep dry.
  • Cabins are inspected by Centre Staff, usually at the beginning of each day’s program. It is a competition between cabins however the purpose is to allow the cleaner ease of
    access to do his job and encourage independence, responsibility and teamwork amongst students.
  • Some activities have certificates and awards which Camp Leaders may choose to access from the website, before printing and presenting as a post camp activity upon your
    return to school.


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